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Policy leaders throughout the province are demonstrating excellence in the promotion and implementation of a smoke-free space or environment in their communities.  The Smoke-Free Spaces Recognition Program recognizes and celebrates the ongoing efforts of  these municipalities, school boards and post-secondary institutions.  Find an award winner on the map to learn more about their smoke-free policies.

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Messages from those who lead

GPRC is proud to have worked closely with our students to create a healthy and clean environment for our students, faculty, staff and community to learn and experience all we offer in the region.

Don Gnatiuk President and CEO

Evergreen Catholic Schools is very grateful to be recognized for this award.  It supports our commitment to healthy and smoke free environments, and promotes the health and well- being of staff and students, allowing them the opportunity to achieve success.

Mike Paonessa Deputy Superintendent

The Town of Devon has worked hard to be recognized as an active, healthy and inclusive community and we are honoured to be a recipient of an Award of Excellence from the Alberta Smoke-Free Spaces 2019 Awards Program. With the beautiful North Saskatchewan River Valley right in our backyard, we understand the importance of protecting our green spaces and those using our parks and trails to get outside and stay active.

Tanya Hugh Town Councillor

Concordia University of Edmonton became a smoke-free campus last summer. As a health-promoting university we came to realize that condoning smoking on campus was inconsistent with the advancement of a healthy campus community, both for smokers and non-smokers. An additional benefit has been the heightened awareness amongst our community of the dangers of smoking, as well as ways of quitting for those who want to. Going smoke-free has been very positive for CUE.

Dr. Tim Loreman President and Vice-Chancellor

Canadian Rockies Public Schools is honored to receive a Leadership Award for Smoke-Free Spaces. CRPS is proud of the policies set in place, creating a comprehensive prevention strategy that prohibits the use of tobacco products and other substances on school property, school buses or during school-related activities. To this end CRPS is committed to promoting the health and well-being of all staff and students and create an inclusive environment where everyone feels safe and cared for.

Chris MacPhee Superintendent, Canadian Rockies School Division

Though we were disappointed that we could not be there to formally receive ASH’s ‘Smoke Free Spaces Award,’ we are so grateful to have been among those organizations honoured to receive it. Our school division strongly supports healthy and smoke free environments, which ultimately serve the well-being of, not only our students, but all of our school communities.

Chris Smeaton Superintendent, Holy Spirit Catholic School Division

NAIT takes pride in supporting the health and well-being of our students and staff and we are honoured to be recognized by ASH for being a non-smoking campus.

Clint Galloway Director, Student Well-being & Community Campus Life, NAIT

Wolf Creek is truly honored to be recognized by “Action on Smoking and Health” for our ongoing efforts to ensure our practices and policies to promote positive, healthy lifestyle choices in the area of tobacco use reflect our focus on student and staff wellness. Our schools are to be commended for making this a priority.

Jayson Lovell Superintendent, Wolf Creek School Division

The Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education appreciates the acknowledgement from Action on Smoking & Health (ASH) relating to our Smoke Free Environment Policy. The School District encourages healthy lifestyles and is committed to a smoke free environment for staff, students and visitors.

Joe Colistro Superintendent, Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education

At Edmonton Catholic Schools, we promote a healthy lifestyle for all students and staff. A smoke-free environment allows students to learn and grow in a setting where each student can succeed to the best of their ability.

Joan Carr Superintendent, Edmonton Catholic Schools

The King’s University is thrilled to be honored with this award. We are committed to remaining a smoke free campus and working to enhance the well-being of our students, staff and faculty in every way.

Dan VanKeeken Vice President, Institutional Advancement, The King’s University

The Municipality’s approach to our draft bylaw was based on best practice research, collaboration with other Alberta municipalities, meetings with stakeholders and a robust and extensive public engagement process. We want to ensure that our bylaw is community-driven, responsive to the needs of all residents and reflects health considerations.

Don Scott Mayor, Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

Our smoke-free campus is an example of our commitment to a healthy and clean learning environment where all members of the NorQuest community can thrive

Laurel Evans Executive Director, Workforce Development and Human Resources, NorQuest College

The City of Camrose applauds both Action on Smoking & Health and Alberta Health Services in their efforts to protect Albertans from the exposure of second hand smoke. Leading by their example, the City of Camrose has updated our Smoke Free Bylaw to expand prohibited smoking areas within the community.

Norm Mayer Mayor, City of Camrose

The City of Lloydminster is proud to take a leadership role in promoting the health and wellbeing of our residents through our recently updated Smoking Bylaw. While we recognize and respect freedom of choice for tobacco and cannabis consumers, we must also consider the rights of those who might be unwillingly exposed to the harmful effects of these products while using our sidewalks, green spaces and other public areas.

Gerald Aalbers Mayor, City of Lloydminster

The Calgary Catholic School District is honoured to receive a Smoke-Free Spaces award from Action on Smoking & Health. The health, wellness and safety of our staff and the students and families we serve will continue to be areas of focus for our district.

Gary Strother Chief Superintendent, Calgary Catholic School District

We’re honored to receive such a prestigious award. While we’re proud of our policies and where we’re at in regards to smoke-free spaces, we understand that there’s always room for improvement. Again, thank you very much for the recognition.

Glen Brodziak Superintendent, St. Paul Education Regional Division #1

It is important to us to have a smoke-free campus and allow for people to gather in our buildings and on our properties free of concern for smoke inhalation.

Laura Jo Gunter Bow Valley College President

Burman University prioritizes the overall health of our students, faculty, and staff on our campus. We are proud to have policies in place that thoroughly reflect our priorities.

Dr. Loren Agrey Burman University President

What does it take to be recognized as a leader?

Best-practice smoke free policies include a broad scope of products being controlled and a board scope of regulated spaces. Moreover, our award recipients see the big picture of tobacco impact and frame policy to minimize tobacco harms in many ways. This can include choosing to divest from big-tobacco, requiring tobacco retailers to be licensed, funding programming/dedicating resources to tobacco education and cessation, and ensuring policies are actively enforced. The program’s assessment looks at several key criteria for awards. There is no one standard or benchmark. If you think you have what it takes contact us!

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